How to Reset Windows 10 Login/Admin Password without Disk or CD in 3 Ways

Accidentally forgot Windows 10 admin password ? And very worry about it becasue you were locked out? Truth to be told, there are still several ways you can follow to reset a Windows 10 password even you completely forgot the password. You can create a password reset disk with the help of Windows password recovery programs, use advanced command prompt or reset your Microsoft account password online. The last one is the most convenient, but we have shown you three different ways of resetting Windows 10 password no matter how strong the password it is.

Method 1: How to Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password via Password Reset Disk

Never heard about password reset disk? It is a built-in feature since Windows 7. According to Microsoft statement, you can only create a password reset disk on a computer and later be used on the same computer if the password were needed to be reset. So we assumed that you had already created a password reset disk in advance for your Windows 10 computer. Actually it's easy to reset Windows 10 password for local accounts with that tool if you forgot the admin password. Remember, the disk must have been created for that particular user, or it won't work. Also, it needs to have been created on the same Windows computer. To use the disk to reset your Windows 10 login password for a local user or admin account, follow the steps described below:

use Windows 10 password reset disk

Insert the password reset disk into the computer and click on "Reset Password" in the login page. You will see a dropdown menu, where you need to select the location of the reset disk. Click "Next" to proceed. Type in a new password and confirm the typing, then prepare for the password hint, and click "Finish" on the final page.

You will now be able to restart your Windows 10 PC and login with the new password. This disk can be used as many times as you like but, obviously, you will need to create it before you forget the password. If you've already forgotten creating a Windows 10 password reset disk, then you will need a special software to create a password reset disk. This is the next method in our list.


Method 2: Reset Windows 10 Password with PassMoz LabWin (for Local User or Admin Account)

There are a couple of famous Windows 10 password reset tool available. Some of them bring good result as promised but some of them turns out to useless after spending hours with the program. So we did the testing work for you to avoid wasting time on failed tools. After testing with 5 Windows 10 password recovery tool recommended by Google search result and numerous user reviews, the final winner is called PassMoz LabWin, an award-winning password recovery software lets you create a Windows 10 password reset disk on another computer and then use that to unlock the PC for which you've forgotten the password. It can unlock any kind of password local user, guest and admin account, and even Server admin account. All you need is a secondary PC on which to create the reset disk.

PassMoz LabWin works with all major Windows versions, raning from oldest Windows XP to latest Windows 10, and has been tested extensively on all the top PC brands. First-time users find it intuitive and user-friendly, and you will not need any additional tools to accomplish the task. Simply boot the unlocked computer from the reset disk after creating it, and the software does everything for you. The detailed process of how to break a Windows password is described below.

download download

Step 1: Install Windows 10 Password Recovery Software

On a different PC (with admin priviledge), download this Windows 10 password recovery tool and install it. The main screen is shown like the following screenshot:

Windows Password Reset Burn

Step 2: Create Windows 10 Password Reset USB

Insert a USB drive or a CD/DVD and launch the password recovery program. The disk is automatically detected, so click the "Burn" option next to the corresponding media. Your password reset disk will be ready in a few moments.

Boot Order

Step 3: Boot Locked Windows 10 Computer and Reset Administrator Account Password

Remove the media and insert it into your locked PC, then boot up. During the boot process, click on the F2 or other special key to access the boot menu, where you can change the boot order (boot priority) so the computer boots from the password reset disk. When you see the PassMoz LabWin interface, select the Windows version, the account to be unlocked and click on "Reset Password". When you see a message saying the password was reset successfully, it means the password was removed from associated account.

Windows Password Reset


Next, click on "Reboot" and let the computer boot up without the media. You will be able to access your account without using a password.


download download


Method 3: How to Reset Windows 10 Login Password Online (Without Disk or CD)

Microsoft account is associated with Windows login since the introduce of Windows 8. I knew a few people who are on heavily usage of Microsoft service prefer using Microsoft account for computer login. So If you're using a Microsoft account to sign in your Windows 10 PC, there's another way to bypass the password. It's an online method so you will need access to the Internet, and another device with .

reset Windows 10 password

On a different device, open a web browser and go to the password reset page of Microsoft's website: After selecting the reason for not being able to sign in, enter the email ID, Skype ID or phone number you used to register the account, and click Next. A verification code will be sent either as a text, email or Skype message, which you need to enter in the next page. Click Next after you enter the code. Now enter the new password twice and confirm it.

These are just three ways to reset Windows 10 password when you remember it and when you don't. The second method using PassMoz LabWin is the recommended way, since you can use it multiple times once you create it. It only takes a few minutes to create the password reset disk, and you never have to worry about forgetting your Windows 10 password again. In other words, the problem of how to reset a Windows 10 password has been resolved once and for all.

Posted by Alex Ben
November 12, 2018

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